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PROFITABILITY CALCULATIONS of the various compression systems compressors, reciprocating compressors, double acting

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PROFITABILITY CALCULATIONS of the various compression systems compressors, reciprocating compressors, double acting, DEMAG POKORNY ZL 330, 33m3/min, 7 bar. 200kW, IP23, SCREW COMPRESSOR 1-stage, MANNESMANN DEMAG SE350, 30m3/min, 7bar, 200kW, IP55, SCREW COMPRESSOR 2-stage, MANNESMANN DEMAG SZ351, 32m3/min, 7bar, 200kW, IP55, ROTARY COMPRESSOR 1-stage, DEMAG WITTIG O350, G - D, 31m3/min, 7bar, 200kW, IP55, A comparison of four different compressor types shows that the double-acting piston compressor is not reached by today, with its specific efficiencies wird.Der use of electric motors with protection class IP55 has the advantage or disadvantage that these motors can be overloaded with 5%, the customer and the compressors manufacturers have different Argumente.Bei one of the largest power plant operator in Switzerland, had at a printing sample of Sicherheitsdruckbehaelters, diameter 36m, an increase of pressure from be reached 0.1 bar per hour. The. Use of electric-driven compressors with the best specific efficiency was required, since the power plant is located in a water protection area. The performance of the air pressure built up station on site with reserves was 2200 kW and FAD 340m3/min approx. 20 came to Mieteinsatz MANNESMANN DEMAG piston compressors, water cooled. The order was to the satisfaction of the customer specified in the time done, because every stoppage of the power plant, the operator 1 million cost haette.Im compressor market today have services such as procurement of spare parts, service, repair, design of air systems and contracting of complete compressed air systems in container of great importance. Vendor-neutral consultants in these areas, for example, Peter tätig.S o export and import Bischoffberger compressor spare parts kits, components such as Kompresspren Coolers, motors, valves for air-u. Oil circuit, ect., Compressor components, MANN filter kits, with over 30 years of professional experience. It recognized a market niche Bischoffberger Peter: Especially in large companies, there are compressors of various makes. A unified service through a specialized, vendor-neutral company in these cases not only reduces the number of contacts, and simplifies the handling, it also reduces operating costs and helps to minimize downtime. With the introduction of this service in 1974 there was an immediate success, today this service is available worldwide. Helps a firm base of cooperation partners. This ensures that the service staff is available around the clock and quickly spot if machines fail. With many customers are contracting and maintenance contracts abgeschlossen.Wichtige prerequisite for repair and service is the purchase of spare parts. Here, the customer benefits, according to Peter Bischoffberger assume that the compressor manufacturers often produce low vertical integration. Many spare parts are available directly from the supplier and the manufacturer - can be delivered without sacrificing quality and at cheaper prices by Peter Bischoffberger Export Import. An extensive spare parts inventory at the Kooperatiospartnern ensures that the required parts are available at site. But it must not always have to be a new, often costly spare parts when the system fails. Our extensive experience in the processing of used compressors, storage, overhaul of the engine, radiator, valves, compressor blocks, ect. offered favorable. There are a large number of reputable manufacturers replacement compressor blocks are available, which were replaced with special know-how. In-house production goes so far that even complete replacement parts that are no longer available will be reconstructed according to the dimensions of the defective parts. Energy and maintenance costs to determine the amortization period. Lt. Sankey diagram can be implemented 100% of the power expended in heat. The heat is dissipated as follows: 82% from the oil cooler, 14% of the after-cooler, 4% of the dissipated Wäerme Umgebung.An one of the world's, largest brake manufacturer, we have delivered a 132 kW compressor with heat exchanger. The system runs in three-shift operation, as a base load plant d, h. around the clock. With the hot water can shower 300 employees of the foundry. When buying new plants and the planning of air systems, the company offers its vendor-independent advice. It has been my experience that the operator of the consequences of a compressed air system is often not considered adequate. At the beginning of the planning system is therefore often a comparison, the energy and maintenance costs of multiple systems confronts the same power. An example: Requires a 250-kW machine is a cash flow of approximately 2300 m³ / h at an operating pressure of 6. A two-stage screw compressor is in the acquisition but about 30000 € more expensive than a comparable single-stage rotary compressor, these extra costs are, however, due to lower operating costs within two years amortisiert.Der extra cost compared to a single-stage screw compressor would pay for itself in about four years. Other energy-saving measures, e.g. a heat recovery contribute to increasing the efficiency of compressed air systems. Even with the interpretation of which is to assist companies, system and vendor-independent consulting scroll screw, rotary or reciprocating compressors, Selecting the compressor system, created Peter Bischoffberger, cost calculations at the request of the customer. The criteria are based on the compressor on-site use. There are different compressors manufacturer, to found. To run the facility not regularly and only a short time, is meaningful to the experiences of Peter Bischoffberger use of a piston compressor, screw compressor because of the type of construction to reach its operating temperature as quickly as possible and long run. However, two things have to be considered: The maintenance costs are higher than for reciprocating compressors Screw compressors, the efficiency of a specific double-acting piston compressor, however, is better than that of a screw compressor. . There must individually weighed and calculated, what type of economic arbeitet.Ebenso the question "? Direct or belt drive" will be decided according to the criteria for use In three-shift operation, the advantages of low-maintenance direct drive best use: The gear is on about 100,000 hours of operation designed, while the belts are frequently changed after 3000 hours to 6000 hours, and also require the pulleys some wear. Due to the maintenance and upkeep of the facilities we have, finally, a great practical knowledge gained, which flows into the consulting and investment planning . criteria as this is called Peter Bischoffberger in the consultation when it comes to new installations, and sets the compressor station, according to this case, the customer -. take advantage of a system-and vendor-independent supplier, because he is not fixed from the outset to certain types of compressors.

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